Lineage OS 19 on Moto g60


'Clean' Android experience

As i have said in my home page, i dont use cell phones that much but i do own a moto g60, because it has become impossible to live without a cell phone in this modern era.

The reason i chose to buy a motorola phone instead of those sh*tty compenies like xiaomi, vivo, oppo etc. was because my friend (well i dont have any, its just a ehh friend not friend friend) told me that Motorola phones are 'privacy' friendly and provide clean android experience. and yeah of course, i fell for it. And let me tell you, no its no way near 'privacy' friendly.

The only good thing was that it didnt come with preinstalled garbage, its a good thing but you know you can always use adb to remove any preinstalled app and it wont ever bother you, unless you update your phone.

So anyways, i tried using the default os it came with for a week or so. and to be honest, it was horrible. it just didnt feel any different from something like MIUI, yeah i do agree that its way cleaner but at the end i dont feel like i am private in any way. so i asked for help in #gnulinuxindia in matrix. and one guy, i wish i remembered his name suggested me giving Lineage OS a try, i went to it's official website and looked for my model. yes, you guessed it right. it wasnt supported. but somehow i did find a guy on xda-developers. This guy named Raghu Varma had built the ROM for moto g60. So i grabbed some tea and started following the installation steps and somehow managed to install it. and god oh god, ITS AWESOMEEE!!!

I have been using it for over a month now, and everything seems to work fine. yes it indeed is a little buggy, but i can work with it. i also decided to root it after a week. problem is now i am unable to get OTA updates without messing up my root, so i just stopped updating. But finally i am able to have some privacy on my device.

isnt this beautiful? i finally feel like i 'own' my device.

cell phone with lineage os

Raghu Varma's Lineage OS build: